Our Services

Our first, second and third focus for all our Texas clients is service, service, service… a commitment from Brian Z.

Home, Auto, Life, Medical and Business Insurance is only the beginning of what we can offer for your insurance needs. We also have insurance for jet skis, all terrain vehicles, motor homes, mobile homes, disability, long term care, performance bonds, contract bonds, surety bonds, and many other insurance related products. Our policies can cover identity theft, accidental death, jewelry, furs, antiques, or satellites. Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, we can offer you coverage for your valuable assets. We have a broad range of products available for condo owners or rental property owners.

The strongest selling point for doing business with txie.com is our dedication to you as the customer. We will not settle for any price or coverage. We make sure we shop for the best possible price. We also ensure our products are A rated and will be there for you if a claim arises. Once a part of our agency family, we will make sure we go the extra mile to meet your needs.

On these following pages, we offer quick and easy quote forms for Auto, Home, Medical, Health and Business Insurance. Your can use the respective link above to access the quote page or use the site map to begin the process of receiving a quote. Once we have received your quote information, we will prepare a competitive bid for your insurance needs with no pressure, no hassle, no obligation; in a convenient process, and best of all – better rates saves you money. In all cases, our commitment to you is to contact you the next business day.

Business insurance is designed to protect your business and employees. With the small business sector growing at a rapid rate, we have set up the agency to accommodate all sizes of businesses. Whether you have two employees or two hundred, we have the markets that will offer you excellent coverage at a affordable price. As you are probably aware we have shifted from an extremely soft market to very hard commercial insurance cycle, we want to make sure you have access to many different insurance options. Many of you have seen premiums increases of two to three times your annual cost. The only way to verify you are getting the service and attention you deserve is to fill out this brief questionnaire and allow us to shop our markets for the best coverage possible.

Homeowners insurance protects your most valuable asset. We realize that the market in Texas has undergone significant changes the last two years. All the companies have redeveloped their policies and may exclude coverage you previously had afforded to you. During this transitional period, you really need to have an agency that can thoroughly explain these new policies and not just sell you on a price. The biggest challenge is that most new policies have limited or no water coverage. We do have a market for every type of house and any type of situation. Whether you have no claims or many, we have a market that will handle every situation. We never want insurance to keep someone from realizing the American dream of owning a home.

Auto insurance protects your automobile in the case of accident for both liability and/or physical damage. We will help educate and advise as to what liability limits are prudent and what additional coverage is needed. For instance, we do not recommend comprehension or collision on a vehicle that is over ten years old or the cost of this coverage is more than 10% of the vehicle. Please take a moment to receive a prompt and professional evaluation for your automobile insurance.

Please contact us for a next business answer for any questions.